Best Two-Piece Toilet – TOTO, Kohler & More

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Best Rated Toilet - TOTO, Kohler & More

Hi my name is Doug and I would like to welcome you to my best toilets review website.

What you will immediately notice is you won’t be bombarded with useless information. The last thing I want is for you to be more confused than you were before you found us.

Instead, I have decided to take a more personal approach, but at the same time include some good reviews on a number of handpicked toilets.

What you will also notice as you browse through is I’m not about hiding the bad from you.

If there is a negative to be mentioned, it will be here! I am often referred to by my family and friends as the “toilet” man, and it’s not because I spend all my time on them.

It’s because I happen to think that, although this fixture is probably one of the most functional in the home, there isn’t any reason why you can’t be comfortable when you use it.

How to Decide on the Best Toilet for You

For those of you who just want to take a quick look at what I’ve put together here, you can make use of this handy comparison table.

This will tell you at a glance what the best features are with the models I’ve chosen and which brands I’ve shared with you.

For those of you with a little more time or for those of you that really have no idea where to start, the information below should at least help you get going.

Round Vs Elongated Bowl Shapes

Lots of people will opt for an elongated bowl shape these days simply because they’re more comfortable.

However, round shaped bowls are still very popular because they’re less expensive and don’t take up much room (perfect for that second bathroom).

Toilet Aesthetics

OK, so the toilet is an incredibly functional fixture in your home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look nice in your bathroom.

In almost all of my reviews on the following pages I have included information on how certain models will look and the colors they’re available in.

Flushing Terminology

I’m often met with customers who are confused over the type of terminology that’s used when manufacturers point out the features their toilets have.

However, worry not, there is plenty of information in my reviews that explain how your chosen toilet works and what various terms mean.

Water Usage

The amount of water a toilet uses isn’t just a worry for customers, it’s also a worry for the government.

For that reason (as you will also see in my reviews), I have included information on how much water a particular model uses.

Reviews and Top Picks

One Piece Toilets

a) Best One Piece Toilet Overall

It’s true! You can have a toilet that’s easy to clean. Using the latest in SanaGloss technology, this model will make your toilet brush feel like its redundant. You won’t have to worry about nasty stains because the surface won’t let anything stick.

b) Best Dual Flush One Piece Toilet

If you’re conscious about your carbon footprint and want to keep your water bills under control this is the model for you. It’s WaterSense approved yet powerful on both the light and heavy flush.

c) Best Round Bowl One Piece Toilet

If you haven’t got much space in your bathroom, this round bowl model will fit perfectly. Don’t think the manufacturer hasn’t thought about providing you with the best technology out there either. You will get a powerful G-Max flushing system and best of all its quiet!

Two Piece Toilets

a) Best Two Piece Toilet Overall

It’s hard to imagine how TOTO has managed to come up with a two piece toilet that has it all, but they have! This model provides the latest in SanaGloss technology for a smooth and clean surface, along with a quiet yet super powerful flush.

b) Best Round Bowl Two Piece Toilet

OK, so you won’t get an elongated bowl with this one, but you will get a dual flush option (perfect for saving water), a siphonic action flush for power and it’s available in no less than 3 colors. 

c) Best Elongated Comfort Height Two Piece Toilet

If you’re tall or have trouble with your knees, this model from American Standard will make your toilet experience way more comfortable.

Value for Money

Best Value One-Piece Toilet

This toilet from American Standard has everything you need AND will fit the bill. As you will see in the review, it’s got the latest flushing technology and is one of the easiest toilets to keep clean due to the EverClean surface.

Best Value Two-Piece Toilet

If you prefer not to lug a one piece toilet up the stairs, take a quick peek at this round bowl two-piece model. Available in five colors and equipped with the latest in toilet technology, it can be found for less than $200!

Brands of Toilet You Will Find on our Website

You will find a few different brands to peruse as you go through my website.

Of course, I couldn’t miss out the giants such as TOTO and American Standard. These companies are paving the way in design and flushing technology.

Not only that, they have recognized that cleanliness is something everyone worries about with this bathroom fixture so they have come up with some very innovative ideas to help keep that nasty bacteria at bay.

Whilst you will find some very stylish looking toilets with these two companies, for those of you that are a little more image conscious, I have also added a couple of reviews from KOHLER.

This company is well known for their flair in the design department, and it’s no different with the toilets they offer.

Information, Tips and Hints

As you will notice, my website isn’t just about giving you some ideas on what sort of toilet will suit you best.

I believe even if you’re not on the market for one right now, you should be able to find other snippets of information that will help you “bond” with your toilet better.

If you’re someone who likes to do DIY around the house, or if you’re someone who prefers not to spend additional money on a plumber, take a look at my page on how to install or replace a toilet. 

Here, you will find an easy to follow video which takes you through all the steps you need.

I don’t know one person who has not had to deal with a clogged toilet (unless of course, there is someone else around to do it for you)! Lots of people become incredibly frustrated over this problem, but with a few tools and a little patience it’s actually an issue that’s easily fixed (most of the time).

So, if you’ve got this problem, take a look at my “how to unclog a toilet” page here.

Again, you will find an easy to follow video along with some safety tips.

Aside from clogs, what’s the next worse thing about a toilet? That’s right, cleaning it!

This job can be done in as little as 3 minutes if your toilet isn’t in a really bad way.

Just take a look at the page and video on cleaning the toilet, and I’m betting you won’t be so afraid to take this household job on again.

The Five Best Toilets

From all the toilets I have reviewed, it’s not easy to make a decision about which type will work best for you and others in your household. So in the hope that I can help, below are my top 5 picks:

1) TOTO CTS744SG-01 Drake

If you’re looking for a simple design without compromising on power, I think this two piece toilet is the best you can get.

2) American Standard 2034.014.020

Keep your toilet bacteria and mildew free with this one piece model, American Standard has done a brilliant job with this contemporary model.

3) American Standard 2886.216.020

This one is third on my list because I love the dual flush action which is perfect for saving water. The price will make you fall off your chair as well!

4) TOTO MS964214CEFG-01 Eco Soiree

This one piece toilet is in my top five because I love the SoftClose seat that’s included. No more loud slams in the middle of the night!

5) KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron

This toilet has it all! A style that’s synonymous with KOHLER, up to the minute cyclone flushing and elongated seat with SoftClose lid.

A Few Final Sanitary Words

Many people think toilets are just a functional bathroom fixture that is essential to everyday living.

In fact I’ve even come across comments like “you sit, you do, and you flush”! Sure, that’s true to a certain extent, but as you browse through some of the reviews I’ve put together for you it will soon become apparent a toilet can add a certain something to any bathroom.

The information included in my reviews is honest and straight to the point so you won’t be left guessing.

I really hope you enjoy my creation and you manage to find the best toilet that will last you for many years to come.

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