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Library petition: A chance to correct misinformation
Written by Dave Larson and Tricia Conway
Posted  8/6/2014
Recently, residents of Columbia Heights may have been approached to sign a petition to repeal the Columbia Heights City Council’s decision to fund a new library. As registered voters, citizens were free to choose whether or not to sign the petition.

During and following distribution of the petition, there have been numerous comments from people who thought that they were signing a petition to support a new library without realizing that the true purpose of the petition was to reverse the council’s action. The city clerk is currently verifying signatures.

If you agree with the council’s decision to fund a new library in Columbia Heights and feel that you signed the petition as a result of misinformation, we strongly encourage you to contact City Clerk Katie Bruno at 763-706-3611 by 4:30 p.m. on August 8.

It truly will take a village—or in this case, a city —to build a new library. We appreciate your continued support and are encouraged by the number of positive comments we’ve heard from the community.

Dave Larson, Chair of the Columbia Heights Public Library Task Force

Tricia Conway, Vice Chair of the Columbia Heights Public Library Task Force

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