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Supporting Mark Andrew for Minneapolis mayor
Written by Sarah Larson, Northeast Minneapolis
Posted  9/4/2013
Minneapolis will elect a new Mayor this fall. Northeast would be best served by the candidate who has put forth a bold vision of positive development—Mark Andrew. His plans includes a streetcar down Central Avenue in order to promote economic development, a connection between Northeast and the Mississippi River that will rival the paths around the lakes, increased jobs through expansion of the green economy, and strong public schools.

His recent experience in the private sector means he understands the importance of prioritizing initiatives that make economic sense. As Hennepin County Commissioner, he proved he can get things done. He is a natural collaborator and will work with our local officials and communities—not against them or independent of them.

He has been in our community. He has been in our schools. He has shown that Northeast matters to him. Most importantly, he has integrity. Make Mark Andrew your first choice for Mayor.

Sarah Larson
Northeast Minneapolis

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