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Supporting tax exemption for non-profit groups
Posted  10/2/2013
Marie Alena Castle is at it again. Now she is castigating religious charities because they are tax exempt. What would happen if they had to pay taxes and stop operating schools, providing adoption services, food banks, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and other services for the poor, elderly and sick? In education alone they save more than $1 billion of taxpayer money each year and in most cases provide a better education than is available in public schools. The other services they provide also save huge amounts.

She suggests that families should provide moral guidance. That is basically true but churches and church schools provide families with the education and means to accomplish that. Religion is the best source of moral guidance.

Greg Prom
St. Anthony

In a recent letter to the editor the writer states that non-profit organizations such as churches should pay taxes the same as regular commercial properties and organizations. It is contended that these non-profits are overwhelmingly a system in which "churches" offered a support system—mostly to their own members, and sparingly at that.

She further states that, "Now we have government programs that are far more effective. Even the more significant religious charities are funded mainly from secular sources such as government programs, foundation grants and the United Way."

Throughout my life I have been a church member and have tithed and given offerings of thanks when good things occurred in answer to prayer. When disasters occur anywhere in the world we are asked to donate to relief efforts for hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc. We individually give and our church sends the relief through the "non-governmental" charitable means, avoiding politics and politicians, who often want to take credit for the aid given.

My family members have been good, ordinary, American citizens. My parents were immigrants and raised us to be proud of our heritage. In World War II, my older brother and I both served, he in the Army (D-Day to Berlin) and I in the Navy in the South Pacific (Philippines).

To accomplish the elimination of tax exemptions is to simply adopt a socialist form of government wherein the houses of worship will be supported by the government. This has not worked particularly well in the countries where it has been instituted.

May God continue to bless our country and the heritage that is ours from our insightful forefathers.

Malcolm Watson
Columbia Heights

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