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A ’Vote No’ on the marriage amendment from Columbia Heights
Written by Amy Orstad, Pastor, First Lutheran Church, Col
Posted  10/31/2012
Christians have a tendency to use the Bible as a weapon and when they do, no one really wins. Jesus never once talked about homosexuality, but Jesus did speak out countless times to defend those who were isolated from society, those deemed as "less than." The Minnesota marriage amendment is not ultimately a religious issue (for each religious body may choose to recognize gay marriage or not), but it is a human rights issue.

Putting limitations on marriage into the Minnesota Constitution is a violation of rights for residents of our state. As it stands now, GLBT individuals cannot legally marry in the state of Minnesota, so voting no on this amendment will simply allow the conversation to continue. We need to stop letting our fears override our judgment just because we are uncomfortable or uncertain on an issue. Love should win out. Equal rights for all people in Minnesota must be secured. And it will take each one of us doing our part to ensure that.

For various reasons, the polls on this issue are extremely close. Why, then, would we take the drastic step to deny a group’s rights when the Constitution is meant to protect everyone? Voting no is a concrete way to stand with the minority who are fighting for the same rights as the majority. The God I know and worship has created all people in God’s image and so would stand on the side of love.

Amy Orstad
Pastor, First Lutheran Church
Columbia Heights

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