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A ’Vote Yes’ on the marriage amendment from a Northeast resident
Written by Peter Wiering, Northeast Minneapolis
Posted  10/30/2012
When I put up a lawn sign for the marriage amendment in our Northeast neighborhood, I realized that the sign was in a real minority. But I am thankful that in our country we have the freedom to have different opinions and still can have a good attitude toward all. We like our Northeast neighborhood where we have lived for 26 years.

I would like to tell why I am in favor of the marriage amendment. Let me state first that it is meant to keep in place what has been in our Minnesota and federal government statutes. Marriage of one man and one woman has been part of Western civilization as it developed with the influence of the Christian faith. Actually, marriage goes back to the creator who made Adam and Eve. Jesus affirmed that when he said, "From the beginning of creation, God made them male and female (Mark 10:6).

Marriage of one man and one woman is unique. Two persons of opposite sexes complement and complete each other. When children are born from that union, we have a family, which is the basic building block of our society. Because of its uniqueness and place in society, we should not redefine marriage but keep it as it has always been.

Peter Wiering
Northeast Minneapolis

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