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Letter calling for a tax on meat has many "authors"
Written by Kate Gallagher, Columbia Heights resident
Posted  5/18/2011
After reading the reader commentary, "A tax on meat could ease health care expenses", in the April 20th issue of Northeaster, I began to draft a response to this misguided and baseless commentary. Mark Zea, South Minneapolis, does not provide any factual sources from which his opinion that consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs is "linked conclusively" with "heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic killer diseases." In fact, there is little, if any evidence to support his argument. Mr. Zea, and anyone else who is interested in reading about the scientifically supported causes for the above named "chronic killer diseases" is advised to read, "The western diet and lifestyle and diseases of civilization." by Pedro Carrera-Bastos, Maelan Fontes-Villalba, James H. O’Keefe, et al.

Although I was saddened to read another unsupported argument for the reduction in consumption of animal products, my disappointment grew to include the Northeaster when I discovered via a simple Google search that Mr. Zea’s letter is a formula letter spread in many places on the internet, mostly in other small newspapers. Mr. Zea has, in effect, spammed the Northeaster. I hope that in the future the Northeaster does a more thorough job of checking the originality of the content submitted for publication.

Kate Gallagher
Columbia Heights

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