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Abortion rights don’t create freedom for women
Written by Matt Abel, Columbia Heights resident
Posted  5/18/2011
Marie Alena Castle’s April 6 editorial asserting that unfettered and unregulated abortions will make women free is a lie.

As long as men can coerce women into having abortions, men can eschew responsibility for their actions. When men are not held accountable for their sexual activity, it fosters an attitude of women being for the gratification of men’s desire instead of dignified human beings.

As long as an employer can coerce a woman into having an abortion, they can avoid recognizing her as a human being carrying life within her and instead treat her as a machine that is broken and needs to be fixed before it costs them profits.

Castle’s assertion that abortion isn’t about when life begins but about women’s status shows me that she believes babies born and unborn are less human than adult women and therefore not deserving of human rights. This is a curious stance to take for someone whose society says it is "For Human Rights."

Castle implies that childbearing responsibilities are a slavery imposed on women by the public, especially "misogynistic males and religious theocrats." I would have thought that as an atheist, Ms. Castle would have a much firmer grasp of the theory of evolution. The "enslavement" of women with the task of childbearing is common to all and a survival trait culled through untold numbers of years of evolving and natural selection.

Castle, apparently, is unfamiliar with the "Family Medical Leave Act" when she questions the absence of laws protecting women’s jobs if they become pregnant. As for the educational and other benefits the military receive, those are known as job benefits given to them by their employer, not society as a whole, as part of their compensation package. If Ms. Castle wishes to consider her potential childbearing as an occupation, then she needs to negotiate her compensation with her employer (the father of the child).

Castle wants laws passed to make artificial contraceptives affordable and readily available. I wonder if she is familiar with the cheap, effective, 100 percent all natural contraceptive known as abstinence? You can get a lifetime supply of it free and it is always available.

Castle’s assertion that without abortion, an unplanned pregnancy will only end in "punishment", "economic and emotional hardship" is a fear tactic to deprive women with an unplanned pregnancy of hope for the future of their child, driving up the desire for abortions thus enslaving women to abortion providers.

Matt Abel
Columbia Heights

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