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Endorsements and more endorsements for Nov. 2 candidates
Posted  10/20/2010
Barb Goodwin is running for the State Senate and I know she will be a great Senator. Why? She was a great State Representative for Columbia Heights, Hilltop and St. Anthony. I’ve been involved in school district issues for years and gotten to know Barb well. She always went out of her way to get input from the people she represents. She also spends her time on issues that are important to us. She advocated for the people in the district when they had a hard time with government agencies and went after insurance companies who didn’t pay claims. She confronted people who brought consumer scams into the district. Representing us was more than a full-time job for Barb and she took it seriously.

Rob Fiorendino
Columbia Heights

When asked whom I intend to vote this Nov 2nd I say: "The shirt-on-my-back, green tea, and chump-change."

Shirt-on-my-back. The three major candidates for governor, save for one, intend to tax the shirt off your back. Two of the candidates support an extension of the sales tax to clothes to close the gap between what the state government has to spend to meet the supposed needs of government programs. Save for Tom Emmer, who says "no" to unquestioned demands for more money, and refuses to tax the shirt-on-my-back. I will vote for Tom Emmer.

Green-tea. The Tea Party gets its strength from green-tea. The Tea Party represents the "thump in the dark" that scares entrenched ossified politicians. Why are they sacred? That thump is the sound of the little guy, who wants out from under the thumb of the arrogant politician, and the Tea Party represents that desire for freedom

The triple entendre between green-tea, Green Party, and entrenched (one of our local politicians has been in office 38 ossified years, another for 30—both ultra liberal) is intended. I trust the little guy more than our entrenched representatives, who, in their arrogance have said: "We know how to spend your money smarter than you can." That is why I will vote for Barry Hickethier and Mark Lazarchic, and recommend Ole Hovde.

Chump-change. That is what I feel like I have left in my pocket after I hear how our Congressional representatives have given billions of dollars to bailout companies, ‘too big to fail’, and congress sat on its hands when millions of dollars were given to the corporate millionaires who managed those’ too big to fail’ companies. I will vote for Joel Demos.

Nicholas Heille
Northeast Minneapolis

On Nov. 2 I’m voting for DFL endorsed candidate Carolyn Laine for state representative in House District 50A. The folks in this district have elected Carolyn for two terms and she clearly deserves a third. Carolyn is a champion of the values of the district and an authentic voice of reason and reality. She is known for her absolute integrity and for her leadership and dedication to the people of her district. Carolyn is focused on fiscal responsibility, jobs, education, the elderly, and on healthcare.

She has a clear record of community service and is running with endorsements from the DFL, labor, law enforcement, educators, women’s associations, and major environmental groups.

She works as a financial director, has always handled her finances impeccably, and understands the importance of the state living within its means and having a balanced approach to dealing with the state’s budget.

She has lived here 34 years and raised her five children in the community; she is well known to the voters of 50A and brings to her candidacy broad community support and a solid record as an effective legislator.

A vote for Carolyn Laine is a vote for fiscal responsibility, for jobs, for education, for the elderly, for better healthcare, and for a better Minnesota for all of us. I’m voting for Carolyn and the realism, rationality, and integrity she embodies. I urge you to do the same.

Janet Ostazeski
Columbia Heights

On Nov. 2,voters will choose two at-large school board members. I encourage voters to choose Rebecca Gagnon as one of their choices. Northeast needs school board members that understand that community, parents and teachers are assets in our school system. Too often, elected officials make policy and decisions without any transparency or collaboration with all the stakeholders. When that happens, Northeast loses.

We’ve seen the school board decision to move the district headquarters from 807 Broadway, rather than renovate the current building, despite the high costs. We’ve seen school closings disproportionately on the north side of the city and conversion of our public school buildings to charter schools. Rebecca believes we can have a thriving community with successful schools. She understands the importance of communicating with the community, listening to parents, and valuing teachers. She will represent the city and Northeast well.

Mary Larson
Northeast Minneapolis

As an active member of our Columbia Heights Lions Club, Stan Hoium is an active member of our community, helping to raise money for scholarships for our high school graduates, helping to collect and recycle eye glasses for those who need glasses and cannot afford to buy new ones, and many other community projects. This experience in working with the residents of our community has given him a good understanding of the feelings of community residents.

As a plant manager, he knows the need to cost effectively provide goods and services that meet the needs of those using those goods and services. This experience will help him make better purchasing decisions for the city. He knows the seriousness of the downturn in our economy and its impact on our residents’ household income. He knows the need to separate the purchase of needed goods and services from those which might be desired, but not at the present time.

Stan believes strongly that governments works best when its citizens have the opportunity to know what business its governing body has under consideration, have the opportunity to get responsive answers to their questions from public officials, and to voice their opinions on those subjects, all on a timely basis.

I hope that all residents of Columbia Heights will join with me in voting for Stan Hoium for our City Council Nov. 2.

Bruce Nawrocki
Columbia Heights

This election, for the first time, Northeast and Southeast will have their own seat on the school board. Jenny Arneson worked hard for the ABC Referendum with the belief that electing directors to represent their home district would result in more equitable decisions made by a board with more insight into the particular struggles of the schools in various neighborhoods.

While it is important for board directors to keep the best interests of the entire city in mind, it is also unreasonable to expect board members to have the sort of specific knowledge necessary to make responsible decisions about neighborhood schools. Jenny knows the schools, families and children of District 1 because she has worked in schools all over North, Northeast and Southeast Minneapolis for the entirety of her significant professional experience as a social worker and community organizer. Jenny understands the cycle of poverty that presents the largest challenge to overcoming the achievement gap because she has worked with families in poverty, schools struggling to provide the best possible service to children in great need, and communities overwhelmed with the crushing realities of violence and cultural displacement.

Jenny believes in her community informing her when she advocates for children. She knows that parents understand their children’s needs better than any public official could, and she has experience collaborating with neighborhood groups, parks, churches, and government to make things happen for the betterment of educational programming and social services for kids.

I trust that she will be the leader we need on the Minneapolis Public School Board next fall. Vote Jenny Arneson for District One School Board on Nov. 2.

Jennifer Bennington
Northeast Minneapolis

In my quest for political office, like most candidates, I have received several questionnaires. However, in all of these I have noticed a concerning pattern which could best be described as "What are you going to do for ME?" (my interest group, organization, union, party, etc.). Not once, in any of them, have I ever been asked what I was going to do to uphold the Constitution, protect liberty, stop the spread of an out-of-control government, or defend the rule-of-law and our individual sovereignty in order to help take our country back and restore it to the vision of the Founding Fathers when they gave us this Constitutional Republic (not Democracy, as it is so often mistakenly called).

Just a moment’s thought on this question will reveal that government can not be all things to all people (the result would be chaos). Even if it could, we don’t have enough money to be able to afford such government. Therefore, the only correct and sensible answer is that those elected to serve us must honor their promise to give us a government that is in accord with the Constitution, as that is the only way to ensure the greatest protection to our rights and freedom. That is the true "level playing field." So, this election cycle, no matter where you see yourself on the political spectrum, please only vote for candidates you believe will honor their Oath to the Constitution, and then hold them accountable.

Gregory K. Sloat
Anoka County Commissioner

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