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Why didn’t paper cover the Homecoming Oktoberfest?
Written by SueAnn Westphal , Northeast Minneapolis resident
Posted  11/17/2010
As a nearly lifetime Northeast resident, graduate of Edison High School, Alumni Band member and reader of the Northeaster, I was dismayed at the lack of coverage in the Northeaster of the Edison High School Homecoming Oktoberfest celebration that was held on Sept. 24. The Edison Community Sports Foundation put on a stellar party at Jackson Square Park featuring three bands, fire pits, food and drink. The event was well attended and everyone had a great time on a beautiful fall evening.

There has been a lot of effort by the ECSF, PEN and the Alumni Band to promote the Northeast community. The event was worthy of coverage in your paper and yet was almost completely ignored. That seems like a sad reflection on your priorities. I hope you rethink some of the stories you deem worthy of coverage.

SueAnn Westphal

Northeast Minneapolis

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