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Are officers paid to enforce laws or generate revenue?
Written by Andy Thomford, North Minneapolis resident
Posted  11/24/2010
It seems Minnesota law enforcement agencies are out of control in their pursuit of revenue. Under the guise of public safety, it seems law enforcement personnel have become revenue agents for the city, county, or state that employs them. These agencies are using our tax dollars to fund their revenue raising activities. These citations, no matter how frivolous, are almost impossible to contest.

What happened to the presumption of innocence? The traffic light was green, but the officer says it was red. The officer says you where not wearing your seat belt. How do you prove you were? What does one do? Hire a $300 dollar an hour attorney, take unpaid time off work to contest a seat belt citation?

Officers and the courts know this. Who are the financial beneficiaries of this extortion scam? When law enforcement agencies have a political agenda, freedom and liberty will cease to exist. While the number of moving violation citations have increased on Minnesota’s roadways, how many murderers, rapists, thieves, drug dealers, pimps, etc., have been arrested? Who is the greater threat to society—a person not wearing their seat belt, an underage individual buying an adult beverage at the ball park, or the criminals committing murder and mayhem in our neighborhoods? Who is protecting the hardworking, , law-abiding, tax-paying citizen from overzealous revenue agents disguised as law enforcement personnel?

Andy Thomford
North Minneapolis

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