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Area kids damaged North Side grandmother’s property
Written by Margaret De Sota, North Minneapolis resident
Posted  11/24/2010
This is an open letter to the parents of North Minneapolis. Your sons and daughters may be your precious darlings at home but when you allow them to roam the neighborhood without purpose or supervision they become delinquent, destructive little monsters.

My garage has been broken into on three separate occasions causing substantial damages. Recently your little sweethearts have been climbing my garage roof tearing, ripping, and destroying my shingles. Yesterday, Nov. 7, I spent most of the day repairing my roof, using money I had saved for my grandchildren’s Christmas gifts.

Today after returning home from the market, someone had again willfully destroyed my garage roof. I am a widow with sparse income and have no more supplies for repairs. Parents, please impress on your children the value of being a good citizen, good neighbor, and a good human being.

Margaret De Sota
North Minneapolis

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