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Negativity towards Porky’s could have chilling effect on business development on Central
Written by Andrew Volna, Northeast Minneapolis resident
Posted  9/22/2010
I’m really surprised that so many of your readers and Northeast residents applaud the closing of Porky’s. I think this attitude could have a chilling effect on business development along Central Avenue and Northeast in general. And in this week’s edition of your paper a reader wrote we should "thank God" that the Burger King on 18th and Central is also closed.

Seriously? Does she think a shuttered and neglected building with a weed-choked parking lot makes Central Avenue a nicer place? I think people should be reminded that the property taxes on the Porky’s and Burger King buildings collectively contributed over $50,000 to our community’s coffers last year. Where will we go to replace that revenue?

Northeast needs businesses and the tax revenue they generate. Anyone willing to risk his or her capital on a business in our community should be welcomed.

Andrew Volna
Northeast Minneapolis

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