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St. Anthony lighting, walk projects weren’t equitable
Written by Jerry John, St. Anthony resident
Posted  9/15/2010
Gary Good speaks of the need (Northeaster, July 14), for some time, for a sidewalk and lighting in his area of Silver Lane, citing a safety issue, and mentions my obvious bias toward our (St. Anthony) City Council. I agree that the walk was long overdue and will be a boon to walkers and cyclists. Time will tell if they actually use it.

However, what if the City Council mandated walks and lighting on both sides, even if this meant re-configuring or moving curb lines and the entire street, with high costs for which he and his neighbors were assessed up to $8,000, or in our case, $37,000? Would he still support such an ill-devised program?

What if he knew that a walk was required on only one side of recently reconstructed Foss Road and Chandler Drive? Also, that reconstruction, curb-to-curb, on 39th Avenue only one year ago required no sidewalk at all, yet our short portion of Silver Lane absolutely had to have walks and lighting on both sides? Would he still be in support of the programs and maintain positive feelings about this council? I think not.

They recently made major repairs to 39th Avenue, a roadway that was completely re-done only a year ago. Poor planning or poor workmanship? And, we still drive around pedestrians and bikers in the street there.

If I have, and dare to exhibit, bias against our City Council, I feel it entirely justified. I will continue to fight the poorly-planned, overbearing and hurtful actions of the Council and appeal to Good and his neighbors and all residents to join us in an attempt to make our Council responsible to us, the taxpayers.

Jerry John
St. Anthony

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