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Minneapolis and St. Anthony Election Results
Written by Kerry Ashmore
Posted 11/6/2013
Updated 11/8/2013 11:52 p.m. CST

Hodges, Reich, Frey, Wielinski, Johnson, Yang, Olson declared unofficial winners

Minneapolis unofficial results:

City Council Ward 1--Kevin Reich

City Council Ward 3--Jacob Frey

City Council Ward 4--Barb Johnson

City Council Ward 5--Blong Yang

Park & Recreation Board District 1--Liz Wielinski

Park & Recreation Board District 2--Jon Olson

Park & Recreation Board At Large--John Erwin, Annie Young and Meg Forney

Board of Estimate and Taxation--Carol Becker and David Wheeler

Mayor--Betsy Hodges

Ballot Questions-City Charter Changes--Both adopted

For detailed Minneapolis results, visit or Minnesota Secretary of State website.

St. Anthony unofficial results

City Council--Randy Stille and Jan Jenson elected

School Board--Laura Oksnevad, Leah Slye and Barry Kinsey elected

For detailed results, visit the Minnesota Secretary of State website.

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