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Frey wins DFL endorsement for 3rd Ward
Written by Margo Ashmore
Posted 5/4/2013
Saying the "process has become flawed" and that older people and new Americans have been discouraged from taking part, Third Ward Council Member Diane Hofstede told the 3rd Ward DFL Convention May 4 that she would not submit her name for nomination.

"I will take my campaign to the people and let them decide," Hofstede said after a brief speech defending her record in office and hearing boos and then yeas when she said she’s a progressive DFLer who believes in and shares the party’s values, "but I can’t pledge to support the outcome when I can’t support the process."

As she thanked and hugged supporters and quickly left the DeLaSalle High School hall, smiling but brushing off press questions; the convention, a sea of red shirts proclaiming "Frey is my guy" proceeded to endorse Jacob Frey by acclamation as the DFL candidate for 3rd Ward.

Frey bounded to the stage, grabbed the microphone and acknowledged what he said is a "rising tide," of all sorts of people. "Thank you to Council Member Hofstede, she’s done great work in public safety," he said, and thanked her for her years of public service.

"The beauty of the endorsement process is we must leave as one united party. Our new Third Ward deserves to thrive," Frey said. "I’m in love with the idea that this city can become a big ol’ neighborhood," full of diversity in "employment, entertainment, choice of restaurants. It’s a ward united by the river. It can become an awesome option for families."

"With the inevitable economic development coming to this ward we need to stand up and make sure that every development" is environmentally friendly, connects to the river, and fits with the overarching plan for the neighborhood. The Third Ward can be "the economic engine of the whole state," with the University, sports, and theaters, Frey said, promising to be "an enthusiastic, engaged leader."

He said his grassroots organization was outspent by 10-1 but "the process was legit, and not flawed."

As Minneapolis now has no primary election, any and all candidates can file for election in July, and then in November the vote is by "ranked choice," also known as "instant runoff." Each voter can indicate their first, second and third choices, and if their candidate is not the front-runner, their subsequent choices help determine who wins; the winner must have more than 50 percent.

Party endorsement generally means access to campaign resources including appearance on sample ballots distributed to party members.

People leaving the convention were handed goldenrod flyers stating "Diane Hofstede has said numerous times she will abide by the DFL endorsement today. Encourage her to live up to this pledge and end her re-election campaign today!"

Frey’s Facebook page invited supporters to "head for Dangerous Man" for the after-party, at 1300 2nd St. NE.

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